Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome to Conejo Culture

  After twenty minutes of traffic I've made it down the California Incline and out of Santa Monica. With a cup of coffee in my hand I cruised up Pacific Coast Highway. Few things make me feel as lucky to live in California as a morning drive up PCH.

  I see my turn ahead so I set down my coffee, apply the brakes,  and shift into second gear. The next half hour will be nothing but canyon roads, hairpin turns, and beautiful scenery as I make my way into the Conejo Valley. Decker Canyon is my path of choice, and it's one of the spots that makes these mountains roads some of the best driving the Los Angeles area has to offer. However it's not just about the roads out here. There are countless hiking trails in these mountains, multi million dollar homes and make sure to keep and eye out for wildlife.

  Halfway through the canyon things have started to change. Peppered between the new houses are some older, cultured homes, and giant oak trees are beginning to creep overhead. I'm near the Ventura county line and entering Thousand Oaks, the heart of the Conejo Valley.

  Decker Canyon turns into Mulholland Highway, which eventually turns into Westlake Boulevard. (This entire route is part of hwy 23) As I reach the end of the canyon I pass a small lake on my left and quickly I am greeted by a stoplight with a sign reading Potrero Road. I could head straight into town and be on the freeway in a minute, but that isn't fun, and the stuff you might not realize is around you is what this blog is all about. The light cycles to green and I turn left onto Potrero Road.

  I've entered Hidden Valley, the gem of the Conejo Valley. Instantly it feels like I have entered another world, wide open spaces, ranches, ancient oak trees, and some of the most beautiful landscape in the Conejo Valley.  I come across a for sale sign on the side of the road, a quick trip to Trulia shows it can be mine for the mere price of 48 Million Dollars... If you didn't know before, this area is no joke, and while this is on the extreme end, multi million dollar properties are not uncommon for Hidden Valley. A short drive through the valley and I can see why, a relaxed California countryside atmosphere, only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. A few minutes later I turn onto Wendy Road and make my way back home.

 That drive is what inspired this blog. I was raised in the Conejo Valley, but throughout my twenty's I lived in the deep south, midwest, southwest, bay area, and even Canada. However, I found myself being pulled back here, to the Conejo Valley. Partially because of the great people, but mostly because of the modern California lifestyle with a touch of relaxed country vibes. I hope to share the best of  Conejo culture with you, please read on and enjoy!


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